Playgrounds in the area

Cole Center Playground

179 Boden Ln, Natick MA

1.8 miles away

Hours 8:00 a.m.-5:00 pm

Mary Dennison Playground-

67 Beaver Street Framingham MA-

1.6 miles away


Parents Please Watch your Children and talk to them about looking both ways before entering the street either on foot or on their bikes, it is very hard to see a small child darting out behind a parked car. 

Spring Is Here and Summer to follow, Now is the time to be extra careful when driving around the community.  

Property Managers Notes

The Tennis Courts are now open.

If your children would like to play Tennis or sit on the side and watch you play Tennis that is wonderful. 

There are no bicycle or skateboard's  allowed on the Tennis courts.

Please be considerate of other people that would like to play and keep your children only by the side you are playing on.